The Story

My situation is one of a visual love affair. It all started at college when I realized that I was the type of person who would spend a more-than-usual amount of time staring at the cover, paper, or ink of attractive books. My ensuing years were spent studying design, and more specifically, falling in love with print.

I would soon, however, come in contact with the sleek world of web design. And for the past year, I have been flirting with the design and development of usable web content. Please take some time and enjoy the eye candy.

I like to think of myself as a problem solver. Someone who gets the job done quickly, intelligently, and beautifully.

• Web Design : clean, simple, and usable website designs brought to you from a true print designer.

• Print Design : from letterheads and business cards to a variety of packaging, and everything in between.

• Development : clean html and css equals good html and css; I also understand jquery implementation.

Let's face it; this isn't the first time I have had an affair with other design programs. Not only do I have an accute knowledge of print and web design, but I took four courses in Maya throughout my college career studying animation, modeling, and lighting. My list of program skills includes:

•html, css, & jquery
•Maya (animation)